Guadalupe-Saldaña Net Zero Subdivison

GNDC is excited to introduce the Guadalupe-Saldaña Net Zero Subdivision.  This is an innovative project that merges sustainable design and supportive social services with GNDC’s affordable rental and home ownership programs.  The project will ultimately provide one hundred and twenty five units of “super-green,” long-term affordable housing to the East Austin community.  The project involves the collaboration of several non-profits, funding from public and private entities, the donation of solar arrays from Austin Energy, and support from the surrounding neighborhood residents and churches.

This former brownfield  site is comprised of eleven acres and is located near the intersections of Goodwin Avenue, Webberville Road, and Tillery Street.  This subdivision will have a “net zero” designation in which sixty units will produce as much energy as they consume over the year resulting in a “net-zero” energy bill.    Due to the unique site features of the eleven acres, a large portion of the site will be left undeveloped.  Much of this open space will house a biofiltration pond, which will assist with water quality management,  walking trails, and general green space.

Fifty-eight units have been designated for home ownership, thirty-two units will be rental units and thirty five units have been proposed as supportive and transitional rental housing.  GNDC will rent to persons with incomes up to sixty percent of the Austin Median Family Income.  Regarding the ownership units, GNDC aims to make the home ownership units available to first-time home buyers with incomes ranging from thirty to eighty percent of the Austin Median Family Income.

In September of 2013, GNDC welcomed eight families as the development’s first residents in four newly constructed “net zero” duplexes.  Four of the units are reserved for single-parent households enrolled in the Jeremiah Program Austin (JP).   JP is a a non-profit corporation that assists single parents and their children to break the cycle of poverty by providing a supportive community of affordable housing, developmental childcare, life skills programming, individual coaching and empowerment training. Plans are underway to break ground on a permanent JP housing center, including a child development center, in late 2014.   For more information on the Jeremiah Program, visit their website at

Housing Construction: Phase III  Jeremiah Program Moody Campus

11-015_Ribbon Cutting Board(1)

Coming soon in 2016! This innovative development will be home to thirty five low income single parent households enrolled in the Jeremiah Program Austin.

Join us for a ground-breaking Wednesday, November 18th at 10 AM  1200 Paul Teresa Saldana Street Austin,TX 78702

Gable Apartments at Austin Cares for GNDC!

On May 15, 2014,  Gable Apartments of Austin (along with its national affiliates)  put aside their normal daily work activities to volunteer in their region. Since 2000, Gables associates and vendors have contributed over 100,000 volunteer hours and $1,000,000 in goods and services.  GNDC was honored to be the 2014 Austin  recipient of Gable volunteer services.   Over ninety Gable staff gathered at the Subdivision to make minor repairs and paint the recently relocated Rainey Street houses.   What a fun day!  We can’t thank you enough Gable Apartments! Enjoy these photos:

Housing Construction: Phase II

GNDC has rehabilitated and remodeled four houses relocated from the Rainey Street National Register Historic District to the Subdivision. These four houses are designated for affordable home ownership utilizing a Community Land Trust model. GNDC  rehabilitated and remodeled with sensitivity and appreciation for the historical quality of the homes. This project is unique because, not only will it use a Community Land Trust to meet City of Austin goals for affordable housing, but it also incorporates historic preservation.  Check out the progress to date. 

Housing Construction: Phase I

In 2012,  GNDC received financing from the Austin Housing Finance Corporation and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affair’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program to construct the first phase of housing at the Subdivision.

In late January of 2013,  GNDC began construction on four rental duplexes located along Paul Teresa Saldana Street that will serve low income  households with incomes at no more than  50% of the Area Median Family Income.   Four  2 bedroom, 2 bath  second story units (996 sqft) will be leased to participants of the Jeremiah Program at Austin.   Four fully accessible one bedroom units  will be constructed on the ground floor.   Construction is anticipated to be completed in September 2013.   Learn more about the Jeremiah Program’s applicant criteria and download a Jeremiah Program application here:  DuplexInfo2013 4-13  DuplexApplication2013-2

Recent Press:

  • GNDC was so excited to celebrate a fantastic ribbon cutting with friends, partners, and supporters.   Read about it here  and see footage from the event here.

Check out this gallery of photos that  chronicles the Subdivision’s progress to date including the  groundbreaking, environmental clean-up,  infrastructure improvements, and finally  the construction start of the four duplexes.  We have come a long way!