1313 Willow Street – The First Community Land Trust Home in the State of Texas!

GNDC is excited to develop the first Community Land Trust home (new construction) in the State of Texas.  Ms. Mary Ybarra, the future home buyer, has lived her entire life in the Willow street area of East Austin.  Over a decade ago she became a GNDC renter at the former home at 1313 Willow Street where she raised her children as a single mom.  When the opportunity arose to become a home owner through a community land trust, it was a dream come true for Mary because in her mind home ownership in Central East Austin seemed out of financial reach.  She is excited to make this home her own and looks forward to creating a “loving, comfortable, Godly home where barbecue, football, and family will fill my heart full of love and a lifetime of memories.”

Check out this brochure to learn more about Community Land Trust Homes and future opportunities at the Guadalupe Saldana Net Zero Subdivision.

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